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歡迎來到老師的網站. 福倒了

Your luck arrived!




Are you interested in learning the most spoken language in the world? 

Not only it will give you an edge in your career, in your application for higher education, it is also one of the easiest languages to learn!


Just follow your Mandarin teacher Jennifer here, I will make it easy and fun to learn.


For starter, they all say it’s difficult to lesrn the tones. But if  you can sing the first five  words of national anthem, then you can speak Chinese in the right tone.

And secondly, Chinese grammar is very similar to English except it’s a lot simpler.  There is no conjugations.  There is only one word to represent all the to be verbs. Whether you are saying “I am, you are, he was, we were, she will be, they have been...”; these are, am, have been, was, were can all be replaced with one Chinese word. And there is no past tense or future, all words are one syllable.


here are the most basic Chinese words.